Membership in the Vernon Flying Club (VFC) is a privilege, shared equally by each and every member. The VFC cultural environment is defined and safeguarded by the following principles, agreed to by everyone granted membership, to ensure an enjoyable, friendly, and safe environment.

1. Members are obligated to comply with and support the constitution, bylaws, and operating rules of the VFC while exercising their rights, privileges and responsibilities granted by VFC membership without personal financial gain.

2. Members are expected to treat others with courtesy, respect, dignity, and civility, showing consideration for the well being of their body, emotions, privacy, and property without intimidation, discrimination or prejudice. Harassment, sexual or otherwise, shall not be tolerated, nor shall threats of violence, acts of violence, or damage to/disrespect for personal or public property.

3. Members must not be abusive or use obscene, offensive or foul language in general conversation and/or specifically toward any VFC member or the public.

4. Members must not engage in illegal activity while on VFC facilities, or utilizing VFC property, or while representing VFC in any manner.

5. Members shall not represent the Club in any dealings or enterprises without prior permission of the VFC Executive and shall not misrepresent their position or authority to others.

6. Members shall not tarnish the character, integrity, and/or reputation of the VFC, nor its Officers, Directors, and/or committees, nor give cause for VFC to be involved in legal action.

7. Members are responsible for the actions and behavior of all guests, adults or children, and/or pets while on VFC property or airside on the field.

8. Members are not to disclose to any unauthorized entity any information that might be confidential or privileged, nor promote or disseminate information that is offensive, scandalous, unsubstantiated, or derisive with respect to the VFC and/or its members.

9. Where an “honor” payment system is utilized, members shall comply.

Any breach of the above principles is to be reported to the Executive who shall evaluate the alleged breach and shall, if required, carry out disciplinary actions in accordance with the Constitution, Bylaws, and Operating Rules of the VFC.

Upon becoming a member of the Vernon Flying Club, I unconditionally accept and agree to comply with the above Code of Conduct of the Vernon Flying Club.

18 Oct 2016