Learning to Fly

Pilots are not supermen nor superwomen.  A combination of aptitude, some persistence, and the desire to succeed are all that is required to earn the license.

Getting Started

Flying is fun and it’s easier than you may think. With aircraft on wheels, skis or floats, the sport flying destinations in Canada are boundless.  Piloting an aircraft is a satisfying hobby, a skill testing sport, perhaps a career, and a great way to travel. Canada has 60,000 pilots flying 30,000 aircraft from 2,000 airports and aerodromes.

The physical standards are not much more demanding than those for driving a car. The minimum ages vary with the type of license but you are never too old to learn how to fly. The cost of flying lessons varies with the type of aircraft but many schools offer pay-as-you-go lesson plans paced to fit a budget.

The knowledge required covers navigation, weather, basic aircraft mechanics, theory of flight, air regulations and general airmanship. The material is diverse and interesting. Specialized textbooks and organized courses break it down into easy-to-learn small steps.

Where to Learn

The Vernon Flying Club is a social club and we do not offer flying training.  However, we are fortunate in having “Full Moon Air Services” located in the terminal building at the airport.   Owned by Kathleen Poynton, Full Moon Air Services  provides flight training and sightseeing flights in the North Okanagan and Shuswap utilizing a four-seat Cessna 172.

Visit Kathleen at the Main Terminal Building at the Vernon Airport on Tronson Road, or phone her at 250-938-8359.

See you at the club!

Contact an Instructor

Kathleen Poynton

Kathleen Poynton

Phone | 250 938 8359 Email | kathleen@fullmoonairservices.com